Saturday, June 10, 2006


Yes, I had the advantage of seeing the games yesterday before I made these picks.

June 24th

Germany beats Paraguay

Mexico beats Holland

June 25th

England beats Ecuador

Portugal beats Argentina

June 26th

U.S.A. beats Australia

France beats Ukraine

June 27th

Brazil beats Czech Republic

South Korea beats Spain

June 30th

Germany beats Mexico

France beats U.S.A.

July 1

Portugal beats England

Brazil beats Korea

July 4

France beats Germany

July 5

Brazil beats Portugal


France beats Brazil

Third Place

Germany beats Portugal


Anonymous said...

Hey France boy, you are going to regret your picks against England. It is amazing how this website has outright pro-French bias. I know what real Yanks think of France so you guys must just be weak.

Zizou 06 said...

After todays game, I feel pretty confident with my pick against England :)

Xavier said...

I've picked England to win the entire cup, but after today you have to wonder.

We Are the Three Lions said...

Do you know anything about Football? England will never lose to Portugal. I assure you we will kill them. Look at our defense today holding up against a constant attck from a good South American side, even with Rooney and Owen out.

Federico said...

I agree. Portugal will be strong.

Zizou 06 said...

I knew that the English fans would have an excuse for their poor showing. Kartik and I were talking and he said "the English are just going to say they have a great defense." And he was right!

Honestly, I think you need to ask yourself if you know football. Lets see...England ranked 10th, Portugal 7th. The last time England beat Portugal was 8 years ago. Portugal defeated England in Euro 2000 and 2004. So, yeah, I do think you will lose to Portugal (that is if you make it that far).

I am starting to notice one thing with English fans...they seem to not only be arrogant, but ignorant as well. They feel that they are the best in the world, always. Yet, they have been VERY FAR from proving that.

Yeah, I think most English fans think that we should take them seriously because they beat Germany 5-1 in 2002! They still talk about that game like it was yesterday!