Saturday, June 10, 2006

Gregg's World Cup Predictions

Group A
1) Germany
2) Ecuador
3) Costa Rica
4) Poland

Group B
1) England
2) Sweden
3) Paraguay
4) T & T

Group C
1) Argentina
2) Netherlands
3) Ivory Coast
4) Serbia

Group D
1) Portugal
2) Mexico
3) Iran
4) Angola

Group E
1) Italy
2) U.S.A.
3) Ghana
4) Czech Republic

Group F
1) Brazil
2) Croatia
3) Australia
4) Japan

Group G
1) France
2) South Korea
3) Switzerland
4) Togo

Group H
1) Spain
2) Ukraine
3) Tunisia
4) Saudi Arabia

Round of 16

Germany beats Sweden

Argentina beats Mexico

Italy beats Croatia

France beats Ukraine

England beats Ecuador

Portugal beats Netherlands

Brazil beats U.S.A.

Spain beats South Korea (Revenge Game)

Argentina beats Germany

France beats Italy

Portugal beats England

Brazil beats Spain (Best game of World Cup)

Argentina beats France

Brazil beats Portugal

3rd Place Game
France beats Portugal

Brazil beats Argentina (They always beat Argentina when it matters)


Federico said...

Argentine is getting nowehere near the finals. They beat a disorganized Ivory Coast side today, a side that clearly had better players but no team work and poor finishing.

Zizou 06 said...

Honestly, I haven't seen a favorite team play well in this tourney. Germany, Poland, England, Sweden and Argentina played subpar or just plain awful.

But out of the those teams, I think Germany showed the most promise.

Colin said...

Portgual beats England? Yank are you mad?

Zizou 06 said...

Ok, I will just cut and paste what I said somewhere else...

Lets see...England ranked 10th, Portugal 7th. The last time England beat Portugal was 8 years ago. Portugal defeated England in Euro 2000 and 2004. So, yeah, I do think you will lose to Portugal (that is if you make it that far).

I am starting to notice one thing with English fans...they seem to not only be arrogant, but ignorant as well. They feel that they are the best in the world, always. Yet, they have been VERY FAR from proving that.

Yeah, I think most English fans think that we should take them seriously because they beat Germany 5-1 in 2002! They still talk about that game like it was yesterday!

Hat Trick Peter Crouch said...

England is far superior to Portugal. Period, end of story.

Zizou 06 said...

And you base that on what?

Anonymous said...

He bases it on nothing other than delusion. Ray Hudson who is English last night said he was more impressed by Paraguay and that England better figure out what's going on or they will be exiting early.

Torres said...

CONCACAF along with the African nations are the two up and coming regions for world football. This is no longer exclusively a European and South American game. USA will continue to improve and while the brits may laugh at the Yanks now, they aren't going to have a whole lot to laugh at in the future. Quite honestly, if the USA had been seeded and placed in England's group (instead of T&T) they would have probably won the pool. Instead USA was drawn into a group of death, but I still like the chances for America to advance because unlike Italy or the Czechs, the USA has a versatile lineup that can adjust to the opposition. That is something that the English are completely incapable of doing.