Friday, August 17, 2007

Eddie Lewis Sold to Derby

Derby County's fascination with American footballers continues. Just hours after receiving official clearance to play Benny Feilhaber and weeks after trying to sign Eddie Johnson, Eddie Lewis is reportedly headed to Pride Park. Derby sits near the bottom of the Premiership table with 1 point but has shown flashes of real class in its first two matches and recently rejected an offer to sell Giles Barnes, to West Ham indicating that unlike Watford last season, the newly promoted Rams will be trying to stay up in the Premier League.


pate said...

Hmm, their fascination with americans wouldn't have anything to do with havig hired a PDL coach onto their staff to help scout talent, would it? (Or is that just another symptom?)

Anonymous said...

Lewis returns to the PL after two playoff final losses. Good for him. If I am not mistaken he only played a year or two for Fulham after being promoted to the PL.

Zizou06 said...

Well, he needed to get out of Leeds. As a former Leeds supporter (I have switched to Man City because Leeds just sickens me!), I recommend anyone jump off that sinking ship, especially a quality player like Lewis.

With Derby he can contribute right away. Still, I think it will take more than just Lewis' contribution to keep Derby out of the relegation zone.