Monday, May 21, 2007

USL Update

United Soccer League's first division season is almost a month old now, and the season has had no shortage of exciting matches. This year for the first time since the inception of Major League Soccer in 1996, USL games will be telecast on national cable television, with an exclusive Friday Night Package on FSC.
Here are the standings for the USL First Division thus far this season:
Club Pts
Vancouver 17
Montreal 11
Atlanta 11
Miami 9
Carolina 9
Rochester 9
Portland 7
Puerto Rico 6
Seattle 6
Charleston 5
Minnesota 5
California 1

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Soccer Guru said...

USL is a better than recognized product, at least the first division is. The past few years the standard was probably closer to MLS than most second divisions and to first divisions throughout the world. Now with MLS signing more agressively that will change, but recall at one time USL actually had many more seasoned internationals than MLS.