Monday, May 21, 2007

Bigger Than Beckham?

While Andriy Shevchenko isn't the household name David Beckham is, he has far more hardware through the years to show for his career. Shevchenko has had a troubled season. at Chelsea since coming over from AC Milan for a world record transfer fee last year. Shevchenko stated that, "Soccer is growing in the US and I'd like to be a part of that. I played there last summer against the MLS All-Stars and I saw myself that it's definitely improving."

Obviously Shevchenko will not be coming over this season since he is still under contract with Chelsea, but when his Blues deal expires in 2009, MLS should make a strong a effort to sign him and place him on the struggling Red Bull NY franchise when they open their new park.


Justin Durst Jr said...

Kartik - First, thanks for the shout out earlier. I really appreciate your promoting my blog. Second, Sheva would be good for MLS, but only for the right reasons. MLS has signed a few good names now, and I really want to see them make some memories in the MLS, not just remind us all of what they did somewhere else, in some other league, with some other team. I wrote a post on this issue, because I think it is very important to the future of the league. Well, have a good one, and keep up the writing, I'll be checking back regularly. Cheers!

tyduffy said...

I think it depends what Shevchenko they would be getting too. If he bounces back and scores 20 goals next season, fabulous. If he is still rubbish and scores four, I think that even in MLS he would be dead weight. I am interested to see how much of his performance was injury related and how much of it was mental.

Soccer Guru said...

Sheva would be a great signing but since he is signed thru 2009 I doubt he'll want to persist in an english speaking nation after all the nasty things the Brit press has said about him this year.