Sunday, April 01, 2007

MLS Preview Week on USA Soccer Spot

Tuesday: Eastern Conference Preview
Wednesday: Western Conference Preview
Thursday: MLS on TV Preview
Friday: Odds and Ends


Sams Army said...

Glad to see that you are paying attention to MLS instead of being the eurosnob you usually tend to be.

I think New York is going to challenge for the title this year with Reyna leading the way. DC will fade since they lost Adu and Nowak while New England cannot replace Dempsey. LA will win the west with Houston coming second. Dallas and Salt Lake will round out the playoff teams.

tyduffy said...

Kartick, You have inspired me. I am going to make an attempt to actually follow MLS this year.

Kartik said...

Thanks Ty. MLS is worth following but it'll probably never have the feel of the EPL or La Liga, sadly.

As for you Sams, I always pay attention to MLS. That I criticize the league for its poor business practices, blatant favoritism towards certain franchises and for its sometimes substandard level of play does not mean I do not want it to succeed. On the contrary. Most US Soccer fans criticize MLS because we realize the potential both the league and US Soccer are failing to realize.

Sams Army said...

So you are still a eurosnob who I am sure will praise all the English and Dutch players in your preview while putting down the American and Central American ones.