Sunday, April 01, 2007

Blanco to Sign With Chicago

Cuauhtemoc Blanco one of Mexico's best all time players, but also a temperamental superstar who was controversially left off the 2006 World Cup team, will sign early this week with the Chicago Fire according to the Chicago Tribune. Blanco will be the 2nd foriegn superstar signed under the so-called "Beckham Rule," and the third player signed overall under the rule.

How will Blanco's signing affect the Fire? Check out our Eastern Conference preview on Tuesday for analysis.


DC United Fan said...

It's funny how all the AEG teams overpay for foreign players while Dc United discovers guys who have a bigger impact in this league. How many big name Mexican players have gone through Chicago and LA with little overall impact?

Xavier said...

What a total waste. I cannot believe AEG and the Fire would waste their time and $$$$ on this hothead who will flop like every other Mexican who attempts to leave Mexico.