Sunday, June 11, 2006

Trinadad's Beenhakker is one of a kind

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The offficial FIFA World Cup site has this excellent article on Leo Beenhakker, whose Trinidad and Tobago side surprised just about every observer with an excellent performance in a draw with Sweden yesterday. The Dutch born Beenhakker who has coached Real Madrid, Ajax, the Dutch National Team and several other top club and national sides remains as interesting and brilliant as he's always been. His tactical adjustments yesterday were brilliant and really caught the Swedes off guard. Putting Cornell Glen in the game when Avery John was sent off was controversial and unconventional to say the least, but it probably salvaged a drawfor the Soca Warriors as the Swedes had to keep several defenders back to guard against dangerous runs by the speedy Glen. Conventional tactics dictate packing the back after a defender is sent off, but Beenhaker thought otherwise and it paid dividends. Beenhakker is an open book. He uses the similar attacking oriented tactics regardless of the percieved talent level of the squad he is coaching, but his players execute his system so well that T&T long a laughing stock in CONCACAF is now not only in the World Cup, but seemingly capable of playing with anybody. Leo's truly one of a kind.


Sams Army said...

Cornell Glen is a very under appreaciated player in MLS. Considering Alexi Lalas now manages the Galaxy I hope he took note of Glen's abilities to change a game and doesn't make the same mistake he made when the GM of the Metrostars by trading him again. If a guy can change a World Cup game imagine what he can do if used properly in MLS!

Hat Trick Peter Crouch said...

Trinidad is merely playing for second. With Beenhakker's tactics and his excellent player pool of depth from the Nationwide leagues, Trinidad I agree could be dangerous. England will beat them but I think they could beat Paraguay and make the 2nd round on goal difference. Dwight Yorke is in good shape for his age and may get another look from the EPL this time as a midfielder if his outstanding form continues.

Kartik said...

The entire Metrostars/Red Bulls franchise has been a joke for 11 years. They have been given the leagues proze allocations: Donadoni, Branco, Matthaus, Djorkejef, etc and never seem to manage anything. They had a good run in 2000 when Clint Mathis arrived and Lothar went back to Germany or was hitting the nightlife in NY (whatever the case he wasn't playing) but other than that they have been very average if not worse.