Sunday, June 11, 2006

Portugal - Angola Open Thread

On of the first 'blood matches' of the World Cup. Will former colony Angola beat their former occupiers Portugal?

Put your remarks on the match here.


Federico said...

We will see if Portugal comes out as flat as they did versus the USA in 2002 and England in Euro 2000. I am not attempting to jerk you brits around, but the USA burried Portugal, wheras England got ahead 2-0 and then got burried. Just one for the file. The difference between Brad Friedel and David Seaman.

Xavier said...

Nice finish for Pauletta right off the bat but Angola have settled down and they are now showing some promise.

Anonymous said...

Angola is eventually going to get even if Portugal doesn't step up soon.

Kartik said...

Angola certainly played well, despite the shutout loss. I am impressed by the organization and quality we have seen from the African sides thus far even though both have been defeated. In that past Africa had lots of talent but little organization and discipline outside of some select sides like the great Roger Milla led Cameroon in 1990 and of course the Senegal team that did so well in 2002. Based on what we've seen Ghana may be a tough game for the USA.

Sams Army said...

I liked Angola. I thought they'd be a joke but they really showed alot. they didn't get a result but they can hang their heads high and hopefully knock off Mexico!

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