Saturday, August 02, 2008

Help Coming for the Galaxy?

Cory Gibbs/BBC Sport

Despite the presence of the two of the most gifted players ever in Major League Soccer, the Los Angeles Galaxy appear to be sinking without a trace. A leaky defense and poor linkup play have made the Galaxy at this point a side that is struggling to remain competitive in the Western Conference of MLS. With the sides in competition with the Galaxy making moves to improve no doubt Alexi Lalas, Paul Bravo, Ruud Gullit will be hard pressed to match what other sides have accomplished already in this transfer window.

Yesterday, Steve Goff of the Washington Post wrote that he has learned that Cory Gibbs is interested in returning to MLS and that Los Angeles possibly now sits first in the allocation line. Recall Gibbs made the 2006 World Cup squad for the US before a devastating injury in a pre World Cup friendly took him out of first team football for two years. Gibbs, a defender who has been on squads in Germany and England as well as one year stint with Dallas in MLS is an experienced back worth taking a chance on. Gibbs is left footed and could provide cover on the outside for the weak Ante Jazic or even for the inconsistent Mike Randolph. Or Gibbs could be paired inside with Sean Franklin giving the Galaxy more athleticism on the back line. As far as I am concerned the Galaxy have to take the risk on Gibbs, a player whose injury history and probable high salary demands could scare other clubs away. Right now Los Angeles is more than likely to miss the MLS playoffs for the third consecutive season after making the playoffs in each of the league’s first ten years. For a club that continues to boast about mattering more than anyone in MLS, and aspiring to be a worldwide brand, a record like that is beyond laughable: it borders on criminal.

In other words, if the Galaxy are to be taken seriously for all their boasts this is the type of risk the organization must make.

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