Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Friend in Need

Our friend Joseph Oaster's ( seven year old daughter Abby is very sick and in critical condition right now on breathing tube and ventilator . She has been fighting numerous illnesses all of herlife. We ask for your prayers and support for Joseph's family. Abby has been a member of local disabled soccer players club but has been unable to play for the last fewseasons because of serious illness. Please send your well wishes to Joseph at . As fans and supporters of the beautiful game in this country we all share a common bond, a brotherhood and sisterhood of sorts. Please keep Joseph and his family in your well wishes in the upcoming days and hope for Abby's recovery.


Mando said...

Thank you Kartik, I'll do just that. Very touching story. Glad to see we both got a break at CSRN, too. Hear from you soon.

Kartik said...

Thanks Mando. I already sent my congrats to Elisa and Hannah as well!