Monday, October 08, 2007

Yallop Proving He's a First Class Coach

Three weeks ago many people including here on this site speculated aloud as to Frank Yallop's coaching future and whether or not he'd be able to motivate his last place Los Angeles Galaxy team for the remained of the MLS season.

Well guess what? Yallop and the Galaxy are on a roll, having won four games in a row and they are doing it Yallop's way. Let's look at the contributions of certain players who have found form at the right time.

  • Joe Cannon
Many including myself questioned the decision to bring in Cannon. The last month he has been unbeatable except by the best strikers and right now is best goalkeeper in MLS.

  • Kevin Harmse
The Canadian international is giving gritty performances and serving an important function as a ball winner.

  • Chris Klein
He's found the Fountain of Youth and is making some spectacular runs down the flank.

  • Cobi Jones
Simply put, Jones is still at 37 the Galaxy's most important player. He should reconsider his retirement.

  • Gavin Glinton
The former Galaxy player who spent a long period in the USL looked woeful much of the year and I wondered aloud why he was even in MLS. Now, Glinton is a specialist coming off the bench late in matches providing the Galaxy with great runs and even better finishing.

Yallop now is comfortable with the personnel assembled by Alexi Lalas and is getting results. It would be a mistake to re-introduce David Beckham to this team with it playing so well and would be an even bigger mistake to sit either Klein or Jones for Beckham. We'll learn in the near future whether the football people or marketing people are in fact running the Galaxy.


Anonymous said...

Screw him and the Galaxy.

tuan said...

I believe it has nothing to do with Yallop because it has to do do with Beckham and the face of the MLS. It got to have some done deals behind the closed door between the MLS front offices or above. Think about it, the Galaxy had not been doing well, and now they has won every game they played. What happened if the Galaxy could not make the playoff? will people pay more attention about the Galaxy or the league anymore?