Thursday, October 18, 2007

Red Bull-Galaxy Live Blog

Jonathan Starling keeps us posted:

Pre-Match Thoughts: Well the big matches continue for LA and the big conundrum is will David Beckham get on the pitch? Do you want to mess with the confidence of this side right now by inserting Beckham back into the line up? Sure he's on the bench, but with the run this team is on, why bother? New York is already in the playoffs and the line up on the park looks that of spoiler. New York is playing it wise by keeping Mathis on the bench The one big question I have is why is Abel Xavier on the bench.Pre-Match: Nice to see Kobi Jones honored for his service to the Galaxy and to MLS. Also apologies for getting this up late...the EPL Talk Show started late.Minute 1: LA kick off and Landon Donovan has to do that kissing bit...STOP IT! Kyle Martino sails one well high.Minute 2: Angel denied from Joe Cannon. Angel takes the centering pass but Cannon was right there to deny Angel before he can get the shot off. The ball is out for a corner...Minute 3: That Stammler takes and LA partially clear. Stammler gets the ball on the edge of the eighteen and his ball into the far post is perfectly placed for Angel, but his shot goes just wide of the near post...he didn't miss by much.Minute 4: Richards does well to get by Randolph and his cross into the edge of the six is deflected out for a corner. Stammler takes and Parke misses the open header. The possession ends when Stammler miss touches the pass in.Minute 6: LA with some possession. However Parke prevents Jones from getting to the ball and New York clear. Minute 7: Free kick to New York off a hand ball. Wolyniec does well to force LA into conceding a corner. The corner is wasted when Freeman is baited into fouling Donovan. Minute 8: Parke mis handles Conway's pass. Martino does well to keep it in play, but no one is there to help and Conway safely collects. Minute 9: Richards gets down the wing, but Randolph holds his ground and LA get a goal kick. That match up appears to be the big one tonight.Minute 11: Richards does well to stay onside but he loses the ball and and concedes a free kick after fouling Ange Jazic. A bit of a dive but after the foul was given. Minute 13: Angel cuts through the defense, but it's Chris Klein who is there to stop the attack and clear it out for a throw.Minute 14: Pavon does well to deflect the ball out for a corner. Donovan takes and Altidore clears. Minute 15: GOAL LOS ANGELES. DONOVAN GETS THE BALL AFTER ALITDORE ONLY CLEARS TO THE TOP OF THE ATTACKING THIRD AND HIS CROSS TO THE FAR POS IS SIMPLY DEVINE. CONWAY IS TOO CLOSE TO THE NEAR POST AND IT'S TROY ROBERTS WHO HEADS THE BALL IN AT THE FAR POST. LOS ANGELES 1 NEW YORK 0.Minute 16: AND WE'RE TIED! OFF THE RESTART, VAN DEN BERGH GOES DOWN THE LEFT AND CROSSES IN. WOLYNIEC DOES WELL TO MAKE THE RUN NEAR POST AND IT GIVES JOZY ALTIDORE ALL THE SPACE IN THE WORLD TO HEAD IN FAR POST. LOS ANGELES 1 NEW YORK 1. Minute 17: Donovan off the restart goes just wide of the far post.
Minute 18: Richards tries the centering pass, but Roberts is there to clear it out for a throw in
Minute 20: Donovan's shot is deflected out for a corner...that is cleared out from Parke for corner number 2...Minute 21: That corner is just poorly taken from Donovan and New York break...until Angel's pass is cut off . Minute 22: LA try a give an go with Carlos Pavon...the give was good...the go was just too long for Pavon to get to.
Johnathan says: Minute 23: Mendes stops Donovan in his tracks. The back pass fails Mendes and New York is lucky it's only a corner.Minute 24: Conway fists out the corner. Pavon on the ball back in cannot control the ball.
Minute 24: Conway fists out the corner. Pavon on the ball back in cannot control the ball. Off the goal kick, LA tries to break, but Pavon ends up offside.Minute 26: Donovan tries to find Pavon, but the ball is headed out. LA keep possession and Freeman blocks another LA shot towards goal.
Minute 28: New York earns a free kick after Altidore is fouled. Dave van den Bergh takes but Angel's volley isn't hit well and Cannon collects easily. The goal kick ends up out to touch for a New York throw
Minute 30: New York offside. Time to reflect on this first half hour. LA is starting to take control of this game after the first few minutes were controlled by New York.
Minute 32: Well we have to see Don Garber and not the action on the pitch...I know ESPN loves to do this, but it has to stop. If your going to do the interviews, put them up in the booth so we can see the game.
Minute 33: New York needs to stop the back passes, it is going to hurt them in the end. On the other end, New York fail on the cross and LA gets the free kick.
Minute 34: Nights like this make me wish I had a laptop. My head is already getting a knot in it. The ball is stuck in midfield hell right now.
Minute 35: Klein from the byline forces Conway into a parry save. LA keeps possession and until Roberts tries to go though Altidore and New York earns the throw in.
Minute 36: Jones with a couple of touches, but nothing comes from them.
Minute 37: Kyle Martino gives LA a free kick after he is taken to ground. They do nothing with it and now this game is starting to get bogged down in the midfield.
Minute 38: Donovan gets on the open run but the ball just makes it to Conway first. He clears for a throw in. Pavon ends up offsides to end their possession.
Minute 40: Wolyneic gets down the wing and finds Angel. He gets set after putting Randolph to the ground but puts his effort over the crossbar.
Minute 41: Martino gives LA another free kick. Donovan was offside though.
Minute 43: Jones with a good cross, Freeman with a better clearance. Martino ends up over the back and is called for the foul.
Minute 45: Joe Cannon is forced to clear as Angel was rushing in on him. When will teams learn to quit with the back passes?

First half thoughts: Los Angeles survived a shaky opening 10 minutes and are starting to take the game to New York. Los Angeles though have to do a better job marking Angel as he will eventually put one of those chances in. LA will also be kicking themselves in the backside for giving up that equalizer so quickly after getting the opener. LA look poised to win this game in the second half, should they do a better job marking Angel and not leaving him with open chances. I wouldn't play Beckham right now. LA are pushing New York back enough with the 11 on the park right now. If Beckham is subbed, I hope he isn't subbed for Jones, to me that would be disgraceful.


Minute 46: Conway does well to collect Martino's cross without parring the ball. Leitch is on but they said for whom too fast.

Minute 47: Leitch unable to keep the ball in an LA wins the corner...Donovan takes and takes it short. The far post effort is out for a goal kick

Minute 49: Donovan and Pavon are unable to link up. New York look very shaky right now. When I say that, Roberts has to block Angel's shot off the pass from Richards.

Minute 51: Richards does well to beet Freeman and Klein does better to clear.

Minute 52: Seth Stammler goes well high. Beckham is starting to warm up.

Minute 53: I would gladly trade Coke Zero for a Sobe No Fear right now.

Minute 54: Richards with a drive and Cannon does well to parry the ball out for a corner. The ball was going to end up in the side netting but wise to be sure. Pavon clears the corner.

Minute 55: Kyle Martino booked for his challenge on Hunter Freeman. Challenge was late, but Freeman made that look worse than it was. Cannon gets up and catches the free kick.

Minute 56: Donovan unable to link up with Pavon.

Minute 58: Martino out for Glinton. Wise sub.

Minute 60: Pavon offside...again.

Minute 61: Free kick for New York in a dangerous position. Angel gets the net...the side netting though.

Minute 62: Vagenas takes the ball in the midfield and and they end up getting the free kick when Randolph is fouled by Dane Richards...who rightfully gets the yellow card

Minute 63: The free kick ends up right in the hands of Conway

Minute 64: Oh my...Pavon just unable to get to Donovan's cross across the face of goal. That should have been 2-1 to LA. Conway was in no mans land and Pavon should have done everything to get to that ball. Now he's off for Edson Buddle.

Minute 65: Richards is down in the box and did Cannon get him? The replay shows that should have been a penalty. Horrible call from the referee and all those who will say this game is rigged will be out in full force should LA win this now. Should have been a penalty. Had Richards not gone to ground as easily as he did, the ref would have had no choice.

Minute 66: Conway denies Peter Vagenas. The centering pass was perfect...the save even better. The corner from Donovan is eventually cleared. Buddle was the man who should have got that ball.

Minute 67: Beckham will be LA's final sub...I give Yallop credit for gambling with attacking options, but they could easily be exposed at the back. Beckham coems on FOR PETER VAGENAS? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!

Minute 69: Beckham gives New York a free kick with his first challenge. Leitch takes the free kick and the ball ends up out for a corner when Altidore shot is blocked by Roberts.

Minute 70: Sinisa Ubiparipovic on John Wolyniec out. The corner ends up in the hands of Cannon.

Minute 71: Chris Klein just offside.

Minute 73: LA free kick and they look content playing the ball forward from the back...Conway gets the ball first though.

Minute 74: Beckham gets possession and Jones keeps the possession alive. Glinton though fails on the cross and New York clear.

Minute 76: Glinton's cross was to no one...but off Leitch for a corner kick

Minute 77: We all know who's taking this one. Beckham plays it to Tudela who's shot is parried out for a corner...that is out for corner number 3

Minute 78: Poor Beckham corner and New York clear...for the moment.

Minute 79: Los Angeles earn another corner kick, Beckham goes near post and his touch fails him. It's all Los Angeles right now.

Minute 80: Beckham finds Jones but Jones tries to do too much and New York end up with possession. Angel nearly got the ball to Richards on the diagonal run.

Minute 81: Jozy Altidore just unable to bend the ball under the bent once it went over the crossbar. This game is on a razor's edge and poised for one hell of a finish

Minute 83: Jones trying to go for one hell of a pass to Klein...and missed him by 5 yards

Minute 83: Troy Roberts denies Angel very well. Beckham unable to link up on the forward run and Conway collects.

Minute 85: Beckham's corner is cleared away and out for a New York throw in.

Minute 86: Pavon cuts away from Randolph. He fails to find Klein and New York counter. Altidore unable to keep the ball.

Minute 88: Buddle called for handball...New York free kick. New York wastes it, but Beckham's cross is blocked and New York clear

Minute 90: Freeman finds Angel. Freeman has a streamer thrown at him as New York earns a throw in.

Minute 90+1: Corner for New York...Ubiparipovic will take it and it's time to put the ball in the corner and keep it there.

Minute 90+2: Jozy oh so close just missing wide of the far post. LA blows it when Jones ended up offside and couldn't play the through ball intended for him. Conway plays it long but LA get it back...until Donovan tries to go over Mendes. Conway kicks it central and that's it.

Final Thoughts: Well LA are in with a shout...but the task just got harder. The against Blanco in Chicago. LA though had their chances, had the majority of the possession and in the second half closed down Angel extremely well. New York was content to try and counter but they were unable to do much with the ball. While LA had the majority of the possession, New York had the better scoring chances and in the end the 1-1 was a fair result.I would like to thank Kartik for posting this on the US Soccer Spot blog and hopefully soon on the MLS Talk Blog. I would also like to thank those who left comments on this blog tonight. Until we do this again, I'm Johnathan Starling. Thank you, good night, and remember feedback is always welcomed and appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Good stuff, K and J. But why did it start so late?

Josiah of Footy Fame said...

NY is winning this game. Altidore with the quick response and Angel looking hungry.

Hernandez said...

Cobi Jones, the killer of Mexico. I hate him but I love him.

Josiah of Footy Fame said...

Angel is having a nightmare game!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff......keep this up for all the big games!

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 10:30,

We started late unfortunately because Kartik was kept by the Gaffer of EPL Talk recording the EPL Talk Show. I had already started blogging when Kartik was finished so he posted up to the point he could start.

Enjoy the second half:
Johnathan Starling

TH 14 said...

SCUM #23 is warming up.

Anonymous said...

You guys are ahead of the match tracker on MLSNET!

TH 14 said...

We have a Graham Poll siting!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Look at Cobi's spunk!

Anonymous said...

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