Monday, October 15, 2007

MLS Playoff Update

Six teams have clinched playoff spots: DC United, Chivas USA, Houston, New England, FC Dallas, Red Bull NY

Three teams have been eliminated from all post season consideration: Toronto FC, Real Salt Lake and Columbus

That leaves two spots open between four teams: Colorado, LA Galaxy, Chicago and Kansas City.

Chicago hosts L.A. in the final game of the season with the winner likely making the playoffs and the loser likely out. Add to that drama the specter of two of the biggest signings in league history, David Beckham and Cuahatomac Blanco facing off against each other for the first time and this is sure to be a tension filled weekend.

I'm waiting to see all the playoff scenarios from the league but here is what I can definitely tell everybody:

  • A Kansas City win on Saturday versus FC Dallas will clinch the Wizards the seventh spot.
  • A Kansas City draw coupled with two Los Angeles wins and a Colorado loss to Real Salt Lake will give Los Angeles the 7th seed, Kansas City the 8th and eliminate Colorado and Chicago.
  • Two Galaxy wins clinches a playoff spot, either the 7th or 8th seed
  • A Chicago win clinches a playoff spot
  • Colorado needs some help, but if they beat Real Salt Lake, and Los Angeles loses Thursday to New York and then defeats Chicago Sunday, the Rapids will clinch a playoff spot.
  • Los Angeles can make the playoffs even with a draw versus New York if they beat Chicago, Kansas City wins or draws with FC Dallas and Colorado loses to Real Salt Lake. Chicago and Colorado would then be eliminated and Los Angeles would gain the 8th seed, while Kansas City gains the 7th.
On another note, if Houston defeats Real Salt Lake tonight and Chivas USA this weekend they will win the Western Conference. If Chivas USA can achieve a draw versus Houston they will win the West.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you this was very helpful. But if everone ties at 0-0???