Wednesday, October 24, 2007

MLS Attendance Report

The attendance this year for the league was the highest by average since the league's inaugural season of 1996. Also significant was that the attendance did not decline as the season went on as it has every season since 1997.Here are the team by team averages:

1- LA Galaxy 24,252
2- DC United 20,967
3- Toronto FC 20,130
4- NE Revs 16,787
5- NY Red Bulls 16,537
6- Chicago 16,490
7- Real Salt Lake 15,960
8- Houston 15,883
9- Columbus 15,230
10-FC Dallas 15,150
11-Colorado 14,749
12-Chivas USA 14,305
13-Kansas City 11,586

Note that Chivas fell from 2nd last season with close 20,000 a game to next to last this year averaging just over 14,000. Also, attendance averages in New York, Kansas City and New England were skewed by the tickets sold for prospective matchups with David Beckham. On the other hand, Beckham did not appear in Salt Lake City and Columbus and since he was injured weeks before those games the attendance for the matches against the Galaxy in those cities reflected this. Also keep in mind the Galaxy did not play a game in Dallas during the MLS Regular Season after Beckham arrived stateside.


Anonymous said...

Colorado with the new stadium and all is still near the bottom. They do not deserve a team there.

Soccer Guru said...

Good news on the whole for the league.

Zizou06 said...

...and, of course, Kansas City...