Friday, October 05, 2007

Clark Given Record Suspension

MLS has suspended Ricardo Clark of Houston for nine games and given him a $10,000 suspension. This is an unprecedented fine for MLS, but given Clark's actions against Carlos Ruiz last week, the league felt the fine and suspension were justified. Given Carlos Ruiz's history as a provocateur I am anxious to hear Clark's side of the story. It is entirely possible that Ruiz flopping and gamesmanship provoked Clark. If this is the case, the league which is these days filled with as many divers and cheats as Serie A needs to crack down on Ruiz also and suspend him for the remainder of FC Dallas remaining regular season games.

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Travis said...

You need to watch the video. That wasn't a dive. There was nothing red card worthy from Carlos. Ruiz didn't do anything on that play. I'm a Dallas fan and I'm the first to admit that Ruiz does dive, but not on that play. That play was just any other normal play you'll see inside the 18 with any given 2 players.