Friday, September 21, 2007

MLS Talk Podcast: Jaime Trecker

Author/Writer Jaime Trecker will be a guest on an upcoming episode of the Major League Soccer Talk Podcast. I'll be taping the conversation next week with him. Anybody who has a question to ask please leave it here.


Anonymous said...

What new information (if any) can JT provide regarding last year's Klinsmann debacle?

What is the likelihood that the USMNT will have a new coach in 2008?

Assuming the US qualifies, will MLS do anything to accommodate the 2008 Olympics?

Anonymous said...

After vowing (practically promising) that the San Jose Earthquakes wouldn't return for the longest time if ever, has Jamie Trecker put down his season-ticket deposit for the 2008 San Jose Earthquakes season, who'll attempt to win its third MLS Cup title in eight years to have two more championship stars on its jerseys than the Houston Dynamo (unless the Dynamo wins its second-ever MLS Cup title this season, of course)?

Also, has JT visited the San Jose Earthquakes' office lately? If so, he can see the 2001 & 2003 MLS Cup trophies that were rightfully returned to the Earthquakes after being temporarily held at the National Soccer Hall of Fame in Oneonta, NY. They're quite a sight ( ).

Mark said...

I wonder if Jamie Trecker thinks? I mean, over the years he's been so wrong about so much, I wonder about his thought processes. And as a follow up, when is Jamie going to write an article about the return of the Quakes? You know, wild speculation about who will be on the coaching staff, attendance, how badly the team will stink the first year or two. (I expect that our expansion team will not be very the first couple of years.)

- MarkMCF

albany58 said...

Will Mr. Trecker be visiting the Bay Area next year, 2008? We have something we'd like to show him; something that he absolutely and decisively said would never occur. We don't want to have him watch on TV, we want him to see this live. And if he would desire, he can watch from the inside of a beer keg.

Chandu said...

I wonder if Trecker knows whether San Jose Earthquakes have any chance of landing Juergen Klinsmann as their coach?

What? San Jose Earthquakes have a team? Does Trecker know about that?

Anonymous said...

Your podcast has to this point been a welcome addition to the soccer community and you have steered clear of controversy. However by interviewing the smuggest most arrogant and often wrong writer covering soccer in this nation you are inviting scorn from many of us. Why do you feel the need to invite someone on your show who is just going to bash the national team and everything MLS is doing?

Anonymous said...

I think you got the wrong Trecker signed up for your podcast. If you talked to his father, Mr. Jerry Trecker, he is a far more respected person and more fans will take notice if he speaks. The Trecker you're trying to talk to on the other hand, sorry to say it, but it doesn't seem like the best use of time.

Fanatico said...

Wow!! I can't see having seen such overwhelmingly negative feedback ahead of a "celebrity" being interviewed. Well, except the Iranian Ahmadinejad visit to USA currently underway. I don't mean to trivialize issues by comparing complaints against Jamie Trecker with those against Ahmadinejad (which are of far more serious nature, of human rights abuse nature). But unfortunately, I agree with all negative feedback here.

I will note that if there is anything common between Ahmadinejad and Jamie Trecker, it is that both of them are smug, arrogant and think they're more important than they are. They are extremely controversial, and make reactionary statements just for the sake of it. When they open their mouth, they manage to make them look like idiots, but they crave the attention they get by making stupid statements.

I will appeal to the owner of this blog to play the role of president of Columbia University, and put Jamie Trecker on the spot. Ask him hard questions, literally asking him why he makes blatantly incorrect statements, refuses to back down from them even when he knows he had been an idiot, and worse yet, does not apologize or revise them with retracted statements.

Mark said...

Like Trecker, Ahmadinejad is an idiot. But this is the USofA! We have the right to free speech. And of course, the more you let an idiot speak, the worse he sounds. So let's hear what Trecker has to say for himself. I'd like to see answers to these questions, and here's another one.

JT, why do you hate MLS? You belittle the league on a regular basis. What's your problem? Do you not think that MLS has helped the US Men's team? Do you think it is not helping to promote the beautiful game in the US? Or do you really like MLS and I'm just all wrong about this?

- Mark

Anonymous said...

So, how's that Cleveland expansion bid coming along?

Anonymous said...


Does it even bother you that American soccer fans think you have no credibility and are generally thought of as, you know, less than bright?
Does it bother you that you're completely wrong on oh so many things (the Quakes, the US coach, etc.) ... or do you shrug it off?
Would you pose for a pinata that we can smash up before the first Quakes game like the ol' Cakes pinata?
Would you tell us why you're so smug without having any obvious reason to be so?
Hugs and Kisses