Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jamie Trecker Interview

Episode 22 of the Major League Soccer Talk podcast is now online. Thew episode features an interview with Jamie Trecker, who is the Senior Writer at Fox Among the topics discussed are his new book "Love and Blood" about Germany 2006, the state of US Soccer, MLS and Americans abroad, what the US National Team needs to do to achieve more success in the future and much much more! Also a lucky listener will win a copy of "Love and Blood" if they correctly answer an MLS related trivia question.

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Anonymous said...

Kartik, why you'd give such a pompous ass like Trecker a microphone for his views is beyond me. What is worse is that you seem to agree with him on the National Team. Why can't you just shut up and cheer cheer for the USA instead of writing things that turn an already apathetic soccer hating public more against us.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 1:22 pm:

You mean to tell me you can't cheer on the USA while at the same be still be critical? If you don't think it's possible it seems to me you would fall into that 'cuddle culture' Trecker was talking about.

Now granted there were many things that I disagreed with, however if you think we have to cheer and cuddle the USMNT instead of being critical when needed your just 100 percent wrong. It seems to be okay everywhere but here in the states to be critical of the national team but heaven forbid we state our fears in public?

If you think by writing things that will turn an 'apathetic soccer hating public more against us' is wrong, then your just so far off the mark it's not even funny. I'll go back to other sports in the states, people enjoy the fact they are critical of the teams they support and most I talk to cannot stand the soccer public in this country because it's an 'aww shucks' culture that as long as they are there everything's great. That is just not the case.

Anonymous said...

Actually this was an outstanding show. Wish I knew the trivia.

BangkokUnited said...

Some things never change. Jamie Trecker is a jerk who likes to talk about things he has no clue about.

Anonymous said...

I was a supporter of this podcast until Trecker appeared on the show. I have now decided to cancel my subscription on ITunes.

Sams Army said...

Trecker is a contrarian and I have no use for him either. But he did make some decent points in the interview about player development. However he is way too down on MLS.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 7:46 am:

So your going to stop listening because of one interview? That has to be the stupidest reason I've ever heard for anyone quitting anything. If you were a reasonable person, you would have emailed and asked to respond to what was said in the interview? Or are you that much of a tool, too scared to give your thoughts and opinions about something while having to be critical about something you support.

If you want cheerleaders for the MLS and a place where you'll never hear a bad word about MLS or the state of US Soccer, go listen to the 2Gs

Anonymous said...

Count me as one more person who won't pay attention to podcasts from this blog anymore, for being a yes-man to the idiot Trecker.

Anonymous said...

I too am pissed about Trecker, but will hope that you will take the next podcast to correct the record about Trecker's many mis statements on the pod.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 8:55 pm,

Why don't you email the podcast and state what you think was off the mark along with correcting it yourself if you think it was that far off.

The more I read the comments on this blog the more I think Trecker is right about the culture of US Soccer and how if your just slightly critical you have to be discredited at all costs.

Eplnfl said...

Outstanding interview with a a top-notch soccer writer.

Whatever you think of Trecker you can not deny his knowledge and quality of his work. Yes, he takes the view of the cup is half empty not half full but frankly US Soccer and the MLS needs to here that from someone.

I frankly have come to the opinion that US Soccer has wasted an opportunity to grow the sport in the US by complete lack of interest in development after 2002. A new era had come about and while US soccer was on the map it was necessary to spend time with young players on technical skills that are clearly lacking in US players until they go to Europe and then it's to late. Kartik and the guest make the valid point that ABC/ESPN had to sell the last WC team since they had heavily invested in the coverage. It was a team not ready for primetime and the result has been damage to the program as a whole.

As to the MLS, Trecker could take the half full approach but he admits that it is not his style. Yes, more money for quality players is needed, yes, a few markets are not working out, and international scouting should be expanded. But more talent has come in, Blanco has filled seats in Chicago and other markets, and the league has greater TV exposure and revenue.

All in all lets hear from Trecker a year from now and see what has been changed. I look forward to going to his signing in Chicago at DePaul.A great American University.

Ban_Jamie_Trecker said...

Trecker knows he is wrong for making things up, but has the audacity to revise "reality" and claim he was always right, and somehow the rest of the world is lying. Trecker does not apologize even when proven wrong. Guess what Trecker, you are a habitual liar.

He lied about Klinsmann, somehow claiming to know inside information and now blames USSF for lying instead. No proof offered, he somehow expects the world to believe him simply because he's Jerry Trecker's son. He lied about San Jose Earthquakes claiming he knew they won't come back because lack of support in San Jose City council. He is now lying about Kansas City Wizards, when it is clear he isn't even aware how far the new ownership is with Bannister Mall stadium development.

Arrogance and incompetence don't make for a very good combination. And that combination is Jamie Trecker.

Jamie Trecker = Ahamadinejad of US Soccer community.