Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wolff Out of US Squad

Josh Wolff withdrew from US Squad for the Sweden game following today's 3-1 win for his 1860 Munich side in Bundesliga 2 action. I'm not sure the reasons for his withdrawal but will post them as soon as I learn more.

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Zizou06 said...

Well, I guess that the US is going to have to play a defensive style of play for this game. They already didn't name Twellman or Johnson to the squad, and with Wolff gone it is going to hurt them even more up front.

I guess they can play Donovan up front. I still don't know where he really fits, attacking midfielder or striker. I think he is a better attacking midfielder, but he might not have much of a choice for this one. Still, this might be a good chance to see what Zizzo or Hill can do.

Still, with the other players available, I don't see what firepower they have up front. Maybe Ching will be up front?