Sunday, July 08, 2007

US to face Uruguay in Round of 16

The US U-20 team which won Group D in the FIFA U-20 World Cup will Uruguay, the 3rd place finisher in Group B, Wednesday at 7:45pm eastern time.

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Tizanga said...

Futbol, the one sport that can raise the prestige of the United States around the world is treated like an unwanted step-child here. Theres hardly any news to be read about our kids in the Under-20 World Cup in Canada. Thus far they've put forth an effort so valiant as to deserve the support of our sports media. So typical of our country. All the wrong priorities. A blanket of mindless information calculated to maintain a status quo which in my mind has proven to be the apple on the cherry tree, as spoken of in the biblical saying "By their fruits you shall know them'. I recently read an ESPN article by one of their well-known journalists. He arrogantly admitted he hates the sport but then proceeded to slam it, demonstrating an ignorance that was almost unbearable. I grew up playing baseball, basketball and football. I know how challenging it is to compete, much less excel in those sports. Yet upon discovering professional soccer at a late age, I found a sport that required the maximum endurance for which the smallest success gave the greatest pleasure. Sort of like life. Sometimes you have to work a lifetime to reach your highest goals. In fact Futbol is a perfect sport for a country killing its self wanting everything right now and getting nothing in the end. That's why I believe the day will come when America will embrace Futbol. At one point we'll grow up and realize that life is a game of endurance in which the far and few goals made are worthy of the effort.