Sunday, July 29, 2007

Superliga Night Four

DC United gave a very uninspiring performance in a victory over ten man Club America. What was most disappointing was DC United's inability to finish opportunities and it has to be pointed out that despite Jaime Moreno's advanced age the DC attack is virtually impotent without him. Luciano Emilio who has been a clinical finisher for United during the MLS campaign has looked shaky at best during the two Superliga group matches.

Houston scored inside the first 30 seconds of the match versus Moriela on a great goal by Joseph Ngwenya but failed to produce much else the rest of the match until Zach Wells had trouble holding an easy save late in the match (where Wade Barrett did a good job of shielding the attacker) and Moriela cleaned up the scraps for a goal. Moriela appeared on paper to be the weakest team in the entire Superliga competition, but they have played two outstanding games and now stand a win away from advancing to the knock out stages. Club America the most popular team in Mexican Football has been awful in this event, but will basically have a home crowd advantage when they face Moriela Wednesday night at Toyota Park outside Chicago. However, given Moriela resilient play, and Club America's woeful form, Moriela should win and advance. Besides, America is the only team eliminated from the possibility of advancing and may mimick the US effort versus Columbia in the final match of Copa America in Wednesday's match.

Through two group games of Superliga, I would rank the teams based on likelyhood of winning the title in the following order.

1- Chivas
2- Houston
3- FC Dallas
4- Moriela
5- L.A. Galaxy
6- DC United
7- Pachuca

Already Eliminated: Club America

The updated standings are:


Chivas 4pts
LA Galaxy 3pts
FC Dallas 2 pts
Pachuca 1pt


Houston 4pts
DC United 4pts
Moriela 2pts
America 0


Sams Army said...

This is a first. You've ranked the Galaxy ahead of DC in something!

I agree Moriela has been impressive and sadly the Dynamo probably represent the best hope for MLS to win the competition. I have a sneaking suspicion that Pachuca will beat Chivas and while we either draw or lose to FCD thus putting goal difference on the table in a big way.

MJ said...

Moriela is ranked ahead of DC United and they have two less points from two games? Right.

Kartik said...

Yup, because I ranked these teams based on opportunity to win the title. DC United is not going anywhere with Jaime Moreno. In all likelyhood a Moriela win vs Club America will eliminate DC United.

USA2010 said...
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USA2010 said...

This IS a first! I disagree entirely.

I don't know what game you were watching but DC ran America off the pitch.

They were unlucky not to score more goals - Emilio is in a little finishing funk but his positioning has been flawless.

Moreno's replacement Dyachenko is the player who finishes the goal and yet you say the DC attack is virtually impotent without Moreno?

MJ said...
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MJ said...

All DC United needs is a point from their game against Houston, I don't think they'll be eliminated.

They have more goalscoring options then Jaime Moreno, Moreno only scores goals on penalty kicks nowadays anyway.

Look, this whole tournament means nothing, all the games are being played in the US and this is preseason for the Mexican teams. Wake me up when the tournament is on a level playing field for all the teams involved.

bcjohn02 said...


It can be said in the same vein about the CONCACAF Champions Cup. But I guess because MLS teams are in the preseason (and much earlier than Mexican sides are), that competition means nothing as well...right?

This tourney already means as much as the Champions Cup financially, and will more than likely be the primary competition MLS and the Mexican League in future years. With a few tweaks (this competition could have waited another three weeks right before starting) it will be North America's version of the Champions League.

Kartik said...

usa 2010 and I do disagree for once. DC looked poor against Moriela and poor in their last MLS match against Red Bull NY. While they did beat America, they didn't do a whole lot to convince me that they can go to Houston and get a point. DC's backline still doesn't seem to be clicking, and Houston created even more opportunities versus America than DC did.

BC John I agree with you. The Champions Cup has been rough on MLS because of the timing, but MJ does have a point which will be solved next year. I've heard to expect home and away matches next year or perhaps home and away when US teams face Mexican teams and two matches in the US when two Mexican teams play thus absorbing that other cup competition that the Mexican league holds on American soil.

Anonymous said...

DC United is wasting opportunities, but so is Houston. Expect a 1-1 draw tomorrow night.