Thursday, July 19, 2007

MLS Midseason Report

With arrival of David Beckham, MLS has taken on a higher profile in world football. However in many ways this season has been one to forget thus far for the league as it tries to find its niche within the American sports landscape, and its place in world football.

MLS had counted on a competitive Los Angeles franchise welcoming David Beckham and making a strong push for the MLS Cup title. But quite honestly at this point in the season it is obvious that David Beckham will need to return to his Manchester United form circa 1999 for L.A, to even sniff the postseason. MLS also had two good chances to place a team in the finals of a major club competition for the first time since the league's quality began to decline in the early part of this decade but both Houston and DC United fell just short losing dramatic semifinal matches in the CONCACAF Champions Cup to Mexican clubs. MLS has also this season accumulated a less than flattering record versus second and third division clubs from USL in the US Open Cup. At this rate, next year an MLS club will lose to a pub team in the competition.

Attendance is also a concern. Despite contracting two teams following the 2001 season, the league's efforts at consistent crowd building seem to have fallen flat to this point. Sure Beckham will help, but will any bump in fan interest last? And if the fan interest wanes after a month or two of Beckham does the league have a plan B? League attendance now is no different than ten years ago, despite numerous efforts to cement MLS in the local sports landscape in each league market.

Despite these negatives, the quality of play in the league is higher than the past few seasons but still a ways off from the high quality period of 1998 thru 2000 which had me believing MLS could actually become a "major" league in world football. Some new additions to the league have made a positive impact. Columbian Juan Toja signed this year by FC Dallas, at the age of 21 has the potential to be one of best player to ever play in this league. A veteran of the Columbian U-20 team, FC Dallas somehow nabbed him before a big European club signed him. Luciano Emilio and Fred have been big impact Brazilians for DC United and the very well respected Guillermo Baros Schelotto has elected to end his career in MLS and has helped turn Columbus into a contender. In addition, the return to San Jose in 2008 and the start of Superliga are good signs for the future of the league.

My Midseason Awards:

Best Player: Juan Toja, FC Dallas

Best Coach: Dom Kinnear, Houston

Best Attacker: Luciano Emilio, DC United

Best "Beckham Rule" signing: Juan Pablo Angel, Red Bull NY

Worst "Beckham Rule" signing: Claudio Reyna, Red Bull NY

Overachievers: Kansas City Wizards

Underachievers: Chicago Fire

Best Fans: Toronto FC

Worst Fans: (draw) Chivas USA, Red Bull NY

Midseason Power Poll:

1- Houston
2- DC United
3- FC Dallas
4- New England
5- Kansas City
6- Columbus
7- Chivas USA
8- Red Bull NY
9- Toronto FC
10- Los Angeles
11- Chicago
12- Real Salt Lake
13- Colorado

Projected Playoffs


1- DC United (2)
2- New England (4)


1- Houston (1)
2- FC Dallas (3)

Rest of the Playoffs

5- Kansas City
6- Toronto FC
7- Chivas USA
8- Columbus

Just Missed

9- Red Bull NY


Bringing up the Rear of MLS

10- Chicago
11- Los Angeles
12- Real Salt Lake
13- Colorado


Sams Army said...

Boy, you really like Columbus. Sigi is getting some good effort out of those young players especially Ned Grabavoy who Bradley should call up for the Sweden match, but I doubt they are seasoned enough to hold off New York and LA for the playoffs.

But given you were on the money preseason about FC Dallas being stronger because they dumped several big name vets, maybe you are on to something. Still I hope the Galaxy goes. The thought of Sigi in the playoffs while we stay home is just too much to bear.

USA2010 said...


Let's not forget this gem from you back in April:

"Kartrick is Galaxy hater and thus has to trash us. We will win the West, I have no doubt."

I see you've at least lowered your expectations.