Wednesday, June 13, 2007

US Climbs to 16th in FIFA Rankings

The FIFA rankings seemed to favorable to the USA when the National Team was ranked 5th entering last year's FIFA World Cup. The rankings seemed slightly biased against the USA when the nats were ranked 29th last month. But thanks to a strong start in the Gold Cup (which under FIFA's new rankings formula hold additional weight) the US National Team is ranked 16th in the world, which is about where they belong. Italy retained its number one ranking, and France, Brazil, Germany and Argentina rounded out the top 5.


tyduffy said...

seems about right

USA2010 said...

At least USA is finally ranked ahead of Mexico!

Zizou06 said...

I think that Mexico is an aging team. They great players are near the end of their prime, or getting there. There is some youth coming up, but their best players are getting old.

On the other hand, the US is quite the opposite. For years, we would have players play past their primes because we couldn't compete. But now, we have a larger player pool, and move youth available.

I think this will just help the US in the rankings more and more.

I see Mexico starting to slide, for now that is.