Sunday, May 06, 2007

Randon Thoughts

  • It was outstanding to see Clint Dempsey score the winning goal for Fulham yesterday. In fact it is probably the goal that will save Fulham from the drop. Maybe that will earn Dempsey a new contract, that until yesterday was totally undeserved.
  • It was fantastic to see Jason Kreis, one of the greats of this league's history become the coach of Real Salt Lake. Dave Checketts patience ran out on John Ellinger before local politicians and fans patience ran out on RSL.
  • Kreis debut featured an epic comeback to draw with Red Bull New York. Only time will see if this a "new manager bounce" as our friend Phil on Soccer Shout calls it, or a totally new attitude in Salt Lake City.
  • Dwayne DeRossario and Brian Ching once again showed yesterday night why Houston are the champs.
  • Amado Guevara's stay in Los Angeles was a short one. Chivas USA has a good core of players and when Sasha Klejsten returns from suspension the problem child Guevara is totally expendable.
  • Perhaps the reason why MLS keeps the season over the Summer is because they have a club in Denver. Last night was just another example of how horrible the weather is there. Three weeks ago when I was in Denver on what was considered a nice day the winds howling into Dick's Sporting Goods Park had my running to the coffee bar by halftime and ready for a long hot shower by the end of the match. Thank goodness MLS got rid of the shootout or I may have contracted pneumonia!
  • I'm not sure why Toronto FC acquired the players they did in the expansion draft if they had no plans on keeping any of them. Paulo Nagumura is just latest expansion draftee to be dumped by Toronto FC.


Harvey said...

FC Toronto is completely rudderless.

The Guevara thing is unfortunate, such a waste of talent. However MLS will save some money by dumping him and Chivas will be able to sign a "designated player" with the slot.

Juan Berthy Suarez said...

DC is slowly gaining back their good form. Perkins has saved what is still a shaky defense.

Lewis said...

Chivas is struggling without Klejsten and they need him to return.

Denver was always an iffy market. They originally got a club simply because of Anschutz and kept a club simply because of Kroenke. They have two billionaires interested in soccer that live in the city. That is the only reason they have a team and for example Miami, San Fransisco, St Louis or Philadelphia do not.

USA2010 said...

I recall that you predicted a lack of results would lead to an early exit for Ellinger.

And despite all the bitching, so far RSL is exactly where your preview had them.

Good work, Kartik.