Saturday, May 26, 2007

Beasley Coming Back to Man City?

DeMarcus Beasley's release by Manchester City two weeks ago made headlines in the soccer media here in the USA. But now I have learned Beasley could very well be back with City next season. Former Manager Stuart Pearce had told Beasley he expected the club to retain him, but then Pearce was fired and Beasley was released. Now it appears City is looking for cheaper price to retain the American winger from the club that owns him PSV. In addition to a possible return to City, other British clubs are lining up for Beasley's services. Beasley scored four goals this past year for Manchester City.


Soccer Guru said...

So he isn't coming back to MLS?

Justin Durst Jr said...

I'm glad he's not coming to MLS, yet. We need our younger guys, the guys that will be playing in the big international competitions, overseas playing at the highest level day in and day out.