Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Real Deal? has an outstanding story on the impact new signing Carlos Marinelli has made on Kansas City already this season. While Marinelli is not a "Beckham Rule" player he has arguably played at better clubs abroad than four of the five "Beckham Rule" players, the notable exception being David Beckham himself. Moreover, at 25 Marinelli still has his best years ahead of him. (Unlike the Beckham Rule signings who are all above the age of 31) While his stints Middlesbrough, Torino (then in Serie A) and SC Braga were troubled the fact that he was shuffled among big clubs in Europe instead of lower tier clubs like most internationals who make their way to MLS speaks volumes as to his talent and potential. Besides Marinelli has taken part in UEFA Cup football at both Boro and Braga. Part of the problem was that at Boro, Marinelli was dubbed as a savior for the club, being called by some the next Juninho. Marinelli only netted five goals in four EPL seasons but did show flashes of brilliance which kept him in the squad for a substantial amount of time. Now already he showing his ability to hold the ball and control the flow of play for the Wizards, who now have the talent to potentially make a deep MLS Cup run.

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