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Monday, April 23, 2007

MLS Power Poll Week 3

Last week Houston got all ten first place votes. This week we had nine voters, and five different first place teams on ballots. An interesting shake up in the poll finds Red Bull New York closing in on the top. Quite honestly if it were not for two voters (one was yours truly) Red Bull would be ahead of Chivas and Houston in second. I remain unconvinced that RBNY can play well away from home. I still believe by year's end FC Dallas will be the best team. They are very young and have some adjusting to do with Steve Morrow's new attacking system, but they got a nice win yesterday. Chivas USA is an unspectacular but extremely solid team, that I expect to be near the top of this poll every week. They were my first place choice this week.

1- Chicago (3)
2- Houston (1)
3- Chivas USA (2)
4- Red Bull New York (2)
5- FC Dallas (1)
6- Colorado
7- DC United
8- New England
9- Kansas City
10- Columbus
11- LA Galaxy
12- Real Salt Lake
13- Toronto


Sams Army said...

It's about time you took your personal bias against New York and the Galaxy out of the equation. Chivas isn't even the best team in LA let alone in the league.

Kartik said...

Sams, you are a lover of MLS..... compare the Gals roster with Chivas and tell me who on the Glas would start on Chivas other than Donovan and perhaps Cannon. Trading Gomez hasn't helped LA's attack either. Chivas is solid all across the pitch.

Sams Army said...

The only player on Chivas who would start on the Galaxy is Razov. The rest of that team is really rag tag.

Kartik said...

Player of the week Galindo would certainly start on the Gals, as would Bornstein, Klejsten, Suarez, Marsch, and Guevara among others.

Sams Army said...

Jumping on the Chivas bandwagon since your DC team is currently in last place?