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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Do Red Bull Have a Clue About the Beckham Rule?

Soccer websites are abuzz today with the news that Juan Pablo Angel has signed as a Beckham rule player with MLS traditional stomping bag, the New York franchise.

Throughout the history of the Metrostars/ Red Bull franchise they have failed miserably regardless of the reputation of the players allocated to them by the league and the coaches who have managed the club.

The franchise has had the following big name coaches:

  • Carlos Alberto Parriera
  • Carlos Queiroz
  • Bora Milutinovic
  • Bob Bradley
  • Bruce Arena

The franchise has had the following big name international players:

  • Roberto Donadoni
  • Branco
  • Wellington Sanchez
  • Lothar Matthaus
  • Alex Comas
  • Amado Guevarra
  • Youri Djorkaeff

Yet the most successful years of the franchise were when the team was led by Coach Octavio Zambrano and the volatile Clint Mathis.

The signed of Juan Pablo Angel, a player completely written off at Aston Villa is another sign that the franchise just doesn't get it. While other clubs have upgraded their product using the new Beckham rule, the Red Bulls have simply replaced discarded players with outcasts from what were both relegation threatened EPL sides. (Claudio Reyna formerly of Man City is the Red Bulls other "Beckham Rule" player.)

What's worse is that MLS signed better Colombian players prior to the Beckham Rule than Angel. Carlos Valderrama, Antony De Avila, Oscar Parreja and Leonel Alvarez all played in MLS before this rule was instituted. What's worse is the signing of an American player, Reyna who in my humble opinion is inferior to the guy New York gave up (Amado Guevarra) is simply put a corruption of the intent of the Beckham Rule.

It doesn't matter what international signs for New York or who coaches them, the club will continue to underachieve both on the field and in ticket sales if they continue to make the same poor decisions that have ailed the club prior to Red Bull taking ownership of the club.


Sams Army said...

Once again you show your eurosnob tendencies with this horrible posting. Angel is a quality player and your constant harping on guys not being good because they could not make it in the EPL shows that you lack the faith in MLS required. I'm sure if DC United has signed Angel you'd be hailing it as a great signing and talking about how great a club they are.

DC United Fan said...

I agree 100%. Not only does MLS continue to fail in the nation's most important market because of this joke of a team, but Columbus and Kansas City actually went out and scouted guys before signing them, unlike Red Bull who made these signings based on reputation.

DC United Fan said...

SA, DC would never sign a player like Angel so your point is not well taken.

Sams Army said...

Hey United, how does last place feel?

Anonymous said...

Kartik, how do you explain his big years when O'Leary was the manager? He was the main man for Villa for a while. Even this year he has 7 goals even though he has not played very much. He's a quality signing.

Kartik said...

Sams Army, DC has NEVER overpayed for foreign players the way New York and LA have through the years. They wouldn't even consider a player of Angel's salary and lack of first team action with Villa.

BillEShears said...

I have to agree with Karitk on this one. New York needs to be one of the flagship franchises in MLS. They should have employed the Beckham rule to attract a player who, if not making the team better, would at least have name recognition and attract attention. David Beckham or has-beens from lower-mid table Premiership sides (Angel and Reyna). Yeah...enough said.

Anonymous said...

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