Saturday, July 08, 2006

Reviewing our picks

Several American TV broadcasts have labeled the French run to the World Cup Final as a major "surprise," and analysts such as Nick Webster (who picked the mighty three lions of England to win the World Cup), Julie Foudy and Alexi Lalas have expressed shock over the past two weeks that France has been able to beat any top teams. In fact on Fox Soccer Channel, 4 of 6 "Experts" polled prior to the start of Germany 2006 picked England to win the World Cup!

As a function of self promotion for our website, I invite our readers to review the predictions made prior to the World Cup by three of our commentators on this website. Both Zizzou and myself picked France to win the World Cup, and Gregg picked France to make the semifinals.


The Three Lions said...

Must you always make your points at the expense of England?

Anonymous said...

I think England will win EURO 2008.

Anonymous said...

Oops! I mean EURO 2048.

Sams Army said...

Why did you pick France when their team is old and doesn't have the sort of firepower teams like England or Brazil have? Honestly, I believe our US squad was probably as good as France entering this world cup but got bad breaks and bad calls to stop our run. But we are the only team to get a result against Italy.

DC United Fan said...

AsI have stated over and over again in discussions with friends and soccer novices, England is all hype and nothing else every world cup or euro. They are like Kansas or Syracuse used to be in NCAA Basketball. A squad that is always hyped, loved by the media, propped up around the globe, but turns into a total failure every time a major competetion roles around.

Hat Trick Peter Crouch said...

Utter Rubbish. Italy is rubbish, having an easy draw and then being totally outclassed in the final by France. Italians are the most unworthy champ of my lifetime. France should have won.

Zizou 06 said...

Being 'old' isn't a bad thing. Come on Sams Army, I assume you live in the United States. Many American football teams are lead by their veteran leaders, not their youngsters.

I picked France because they are a great 'team'. I went over this on another post, and don't want to explain it again.

Ok, it is 'toot my own horn' time! Not only did I predict France to win (damn, so close), but I made other predictions.

1. France would defeat Brazil at some point in the World Cup (I was told that I was crazy).

2. Portugal would defeat England in the quarterfinals (I was told I was crazy, Portugal would NEVER defeat England).

3. Three of the four semifinal teams. I predicted Germany, France and Portugal.

4. That Germany would beat Portugal in the 3rd place game.

Yeah, I made some bad picks. I thought the USA and Korea would go a little bit further, but that didn't happen.

Still, I am pretty confident with my picks. Yes, I am loyal to my French side (and maybe, in the end, that is why I picked them), but I think that Americans can make an easier prediction about who will win the World Cup just due to the fact that we don't have a loyal support base, like the English do.

The English are very loyal fans, and just assume that their team will always win the Cup. They don't realize that they aren't the greatest side out there. That is where I feel that American soccer fans have the advantage.