Wednesday, July 26, 2006

McBride retires from National Team

Brian McBride the second all time leading scorer for the USA with 30 international goals has announced his retirement from the national team. McBride scored once in World Cup 98, twice in World Cup 2002 and took a vicious elbow in a 1-1 draw in World Cup 2006.


Tim L said...

A great career ends for the national team.

USA2010 said...

I have only fond memories of Brian McBride.

I was there at RFK in D.C. for his first goal for USA in November '96 in a game v. Guatemala in the first round of qualifying for France '98.

After being the first ever pick in MLS draft history (96), you knew people were expecting great things from this kid. He didn't disappoint.

He only scored a dramatic goal for USA (a header, what else?) against Guatemala on my return to RFK in 2000 (Japan/South Korea 2002 qualifying).

In between those two goals, a player who was known for his heading ability became a great all-around player. He excelled at being a target forward - he worked hard, defended, sacrificed his body, did the grinding that often goes unnoticed on the stat sheet.

And when I watched in a crowded screaming bar in S.F. atfter midnight as McBride slotted a shot (with his FOOT) past Perez putting USA up 1-0 over Mexico in the round of 16 in Japan/South Korea 2002, it was confirmed.

This is one of American soccer's all-time greats.

After many successful years in MLS, he represented well in England. I wish him continued success there.

McBride is a true MLS and USA success story.

I applaud his efforts.

Anonymous said...

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