Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Future of This Website

The last few days I have gotten several questions regarding the future of this website since it is event specific and World Cup concludes on Sunday.

When I created World Cup USA 2006, I had originally envisioned the site only lasting as long as the World Cup and for readership to be very limited, and for me to be the only contributor. However my wildest expectations have been exceeded both by the interest in the website with several other contributors and writers on the site, but also by interest for the World Cup here in the USA. As an ESPN program director stated, the network was amazed at the ratings World Cup 2006 garnered especially after much lower ratings in 1998 and 2002. Soccer is on the upswing here in America and as somebody who has been actively following the development of our national team and our domestic leagues for over 20 years, when I was a ball boy with the NASL's Fort Lauderdale Strikers, I feel the time is right to launch a new soccer oriented full time website devoted to the same sort of detailed critical analysis we provided during the World Cup.

While several excellent websites that cover US Soccer currently exist, many are tied directly to the USSF or to other elements close to the Soccer elite in this nation. Our new website will seek to be an outside the box voice on all matters related to American soccer. In a few days we'll have the new website up and running, but until then keep checking back to this URL for updates.

If anybody would like to join our team, please drop me an email at . We are looking for writers of all stripes who love the beautiful game and seek to further cement soccer in the American sports landscape.

Thank you again for everybody's support!

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