Thursday, July 13, 2006

DC United crushes Celtic, 4-0......and the US Soccer soap opera staring Bruce and Jurgen continues

MLS' signature franchise easily disposed of Scottish Premier League Champion Celtic 4-0 in a friendly last night at RFK Stadium. Celtic who is only a week and a half away from opening their title defense in the SPL certainly have work to be done if they are to repeat as champions. Freddy Adu Scored a goal and had an assist on a Jamil Walker goal for United. While DC was thrashing a European powerhouse, lesser MLS sides (which for the ten year existence of the league has meant every franchise except DC United) were struggling to defeat minor league competition in the MLS Cup. Chivas USA was in fact upset by Roma FC of the USASA which is essentially the 5th division of American soccer. Roma FC had shocked 1994 World Cup Golden ball winner Romario and his Miami FC club in the previous round. While Miami FC is a second division team, it was thought the presence of three former world cup players (Romario, Zinha and Onadi Lowe) meant that Miami FC were among the favorites to capture the cup.

What is the latest with Bruce Arena and Jurgen Klinsmann?

Well a possibility exists they maybe working together very soon, but not with the United States Soccer Federation according to published reports. Bruce Arena confirmed to the Washington Post that he has been offered the Head Coaching job with MLS side Red Bull New York, whose star player, Youri Djorkaeff is unhappy about the firing of Mo Johnston (who was the first player in the history of Scotland to play for both bitter rivals, Celtic and Rangers......some SPL trivia for you on the day after Celtic were crushed at RFK). Djorkaeff as everybody now knows went to see France play in the World Cup after Johnson was fired because of his displeasure. Djorkaeff was a starter for France in 1998 and 2002 World Cups.

Arena's options are limited. Sunil Gulati has probably already reached a decision about replacing Arena but wants to give Arena the graceful exit he deserves. Either Arena can leave now and coach the Red Bulls or he can leave in December and be placed in a lesser position as an "advisor" to the USSF and its new coach, who may or may not be Jurgen Klinsmann. Such a role would probably be humiliating for the arrogant Arena.

Bruce Arena has the experience and the skill to finally be the coach to turn around the embarrassing New York MLS Franchise. When he does turn the team around he can correctly state that a former World Champion coach (Carlos Alberto Parriera), a former World Cup quarterfinalist coach (Bora) and a future Real Madrid boss (Carlos Queiroz) failed where he thrived. He should take the job and save the USSF and US Soccer fans the agony of having to fire or demote him.

Klinsmann for his part has been approached by the Red Bulls to be President of the club. Considering Klinsmann lives in the Los Angeles area and has had strong ties to the LA Galaxy through the years (though he never played for the Galaxy as many of us had hoped he would) his hiring would be a nice slap in the face to LA who just poached away New York GM Alexi Lalas. My hunch is that Klinsmann will not accept the job but will "advise" MLS in the next few months on how to attract one star international player per club, the much talked about "Beckham/Ronaldo rule."

If both Arena and Klinsmann head to New York, who does the USSF hire as national team coach? Post your thoughts as always here!


Hernandez said...

DC United did well for usa soccer with the winning.

chivas is garbage. both in mexico and in the usa. they have signed o'brien the greatest american player but he has not yet been fit for the club. in mexico sanchez was the only savior as the defenders were garbage.

fc miami is sporting a 40 year old romario and a close to 40 zinha. the brazilians will learn that the level of play in the usa far exceeds the expectation they have of our soccer.

red bulls or metrostars are the cemetary of coaches and players. arena needs to leave the national team but for his own good he should stay far away from that club.

The Three Lions said...

The league in Scotland is even worse than your rubbish filled MLS. As poorly as MLS is viewed on a global level, DC United is viewed with some respect because Freddy Adu play there as well as some of the top american players of the past including John Harkes, Eddie Pope, Tony Sanneh and Roy Lassiter, who is the American Alan Shearer. DC United is for example the only team I recognize from your league, and the only team that has won any sort of championship on an international level having captured the Champions Cup for the Americas back when Arena still coached them.

The SPL has turned into a joke. Oh yeah the Scots and Ulsterists still get lathered up about it......go to any pub in Londonderry or Belfast and they are watching either Celtic or Rangers, and it is a blood sport for them. But any decent Scot leaves the SPL and comes to England even if it means playing in the championship or below. Celtic getting beat 4-0 by DC in the USA sounds about right. I am not attempting to undermine the high you seem to be on here but quite honsetly that is the result anybody would expect, particularly when Celtic is busy shopping half their team because they know they are undermanned for champions league competition this upcoming seasons.

Regarding Arena and Klinsmann, I can very easily see an arrangement where Klinsmann takes over as the leader of your domestic league and forgoes coaching again. From his perch he will try and attract some top foreign players to the USA. Becks is known to covet a move to New York in the upcoming years and Ronaldo (the one we like from Brazil not the crybaby from Portugal) is seriously considering moving to the USA in a year or two as well.

Not only did Djorkaeff ditch his team in the USA but he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Germany. He has gone to jail and it is anyone's guess if he will return to the USA to complete the season or if his career will end in such a worthless manner much like his countryman and fellow midfield maestro, Zidane.

The Three Lions said...

Check this out from the Herald:

New York tries to recruit Zidane

Zin├ędine Zidane has long said he would retire after the World Cup. Maybe yes, maybe no. He could soon join his fellow Frenchman Youri Djorkaeff in the midfield for the New York Red Bullsof Major League Soccer, according to several people involved in soccer in the New York area who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of their unofficial relationship with the club.

The Three Lions said...

One of your announcers has lent credence to the rumors:

"No doubt Youri's mother is sick, but it's not far-fetched to think that Youri went there to talk to Zidane," Shep Messing, a TV analyst for ESPN and the Red Bulls, said yesterday in a telephone interview from Houston. "Why wouldn't he come to New York to play for a year? Will he? I really don't know."

The Three Lions said...

If Zidane goes to that team and Klinsmann and Arena manage the squad, they could be a real big time american squad. Probably they will still be outclassed by Dc United, but the star power even if it is washed up will do wonders for your domestic minor league.

Xavier said...

Keep in mind Zidane is out of contract and would not cost the league a transfer fee.

Recall the Matthaues debacle where after the Champions league final in 1999 Matthaues announced he was coming to MLS only to be shot down by Bayern who still held his rights. The Metrostars had to wait another year plus to get him on a free transfer when he was out of contract.

Xavier said...

DC United crushing of Chelsea doesn't mean anything for the league. For the 10 years MLS has existed DC has been able to play at a higher level in these freindlies and int'l events. For example DC only lost 2-1 to Chelsea last year while I am sure the MLS all stars will concede at the very least 3 or 4 goals this year to Chelsea.

Xavier said...

I mean crushing of Celtic of course, not Chelsea!

Xavier said...

Speaking of the MLS' New York franchise and its previous older European players, Roberto Donadoni has been named the new Italy coach.

Hernandez said...

Zidane is coming to america! if this happens it would the biggest for the mls which everyone seems to knock but which has proven to be an excellent development league and not an easy venue for european or latin superstars to dominate.

Tim L said...

If Zidane really came to the MLS, even I would watch! Woow, that could be great news.

Would he accept Arena as his coach? Djorkaeff is probably the only notable player of international standard in the league so getting Zidane would be huge.

Tim L said...

Has an MLS team ever beaten an EPL side?

Kartik said...

If you search the web numerous articles exists on the topic. It seems like a fairly safe bet that Youri has spoken to Zizzou. But that was probably before Sunday and now Zizzou's mind for good reason is elsewhere.

I love Zinadine Zidane and will get on a plane to his first MLS game if he really does sign. He Djorkeaff and Amando Guevara together in the Red Bull midfield will be something most of us in the USA have never seen before. But considering how bad Red Bull NY's forwards are, what difference does it make? DC will always still beatup on them!

DC United Fan said...

Yes we crushed Celtic. Nice crowd on hand at RFK and those of us that are regulars enjoyed the increased ambiance and excitement for a big foreign club coming to town.

Zidane to NY? WOW! Talk about MLS answering its critics, including ironically enough Bruce Arena who may coach him in NY.

DC United Fan said...

Arena has been let go by US Soccer. He is now free to take the Metros job.