Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Stand Up Speak Out Against Racism

Today ABC's Brent Musberger had an excellent feature on the World Cup telecast about Stand up and Speak Out an effort started by Arsenal and France Striker Theirry Henry and Nike to counter the racism that is prevalent in many European Football stadiums particularly in Italy, and Spain. Recently the English national team which has many black players was subject to constant monkey chants and banana peels thrown on the field by fans at a friendly played in Spain.

I encourage everybody to visit the web site and do your part:



Colin said...

A very good site, and a good effort by Henry. Notice no American players are involved. They do not have the fame to be part of such an effort.

the coach said...

I disagree with Colin. US players have plenty of fame... in Europe!

We have enough problems to deal with, like protecting the world than to constantly dig up racism.

You want to talk race? Consider the host country's "race-related" issues. You start 2 world wars and still get to host events like the WC? Meanwhile you have the largest anti-jewish sentiment in all of Europe.

I agree that racism doesnt have any place in sports, especially a sport that covers the globe like soccer. However, 1 website and 1 campaign wont fix the problem.

Nice try, keep up the mountainous work.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the coach. Racism isn't nearly as prevlent in American stadiums say as it is in Italy or Spain.......Germany and England are better but still there is racism and it is good that Henry is taking this on.

the coach said...

I have never seen an American player of any team or race ever give an arian salute like Paolo DiCano.

I'd sure like do Tanya Hardsing his legs with a Louisville Slogger, 36 ounce bat.


Xavier said...

Right On, The Coach!