Monday, June 19, 2006

Jorge vs. Hugh

I just want to do a little poll.

Question: Who did a worse job officiating their game? Hugh Dallas (2002 v. Germany) or Jorge Larrionda (2006 v. Italy)?


Sams Army said...

Hugh Dallas easy. At least you can make a weak argument for Larrionda issuing of cards. Pablo was late but at worst it was a yellow. Pope's was crazy but he did carry a yellow and had been fouling constantly. Pope has certainly lost some speed and is getting beat alot so he has resorted to fouling.

Hugh Dallas cost us a birth in the semis. That was either a goal or a penalty and a red card on Germany.

Federico said...

Hugh Dallas. No question. the enitre World Cup was ruined on that call. If USA gets to extra time, and wins, then USA faces South Korea, and one of them get to the finals which would have been so important for world football. Germany vs Brazil is just all too typical.

Hernandez said...

the officials in this usa-italy game was bought. he is the worst.

USA06 said...

Markus Merk must be added for consideration. That was the worst call I've ever seen at this level.

It could have only been made against USA.

Tim L said...

How about Dr. Merck or whatever his name was yesterday. geeesh!