Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I must apologize since I have been busy the past few days I was not able to fully research Group H completely enough to be comfortable to do a full preview. However I do like the Ukraine and Spain to advance with Tunisia possibly giving an out of form and somewhat erratic Spanish squad run for 2nd place. Saudi Arabia had a disasterous World Cup in 2002, and despite playing much better in Germany will achieve yet another last place group finish. The Ukraine is more complete squad than many people think, and with Andriy Shevchenko leading the way don't be shocked to see the Ukraine playing deep into the World Cup.


Gregg said...


I'm not sure where you find Spain out of form if you look at the results in the warm-ups. They've been excellent offensively and I expect them to win the group and go far into the World Cup.

Gregg said...

I agree that Ukraine fits the mold of the European underdog with the great strilker like Turkey had in 02 and Bulgaria in 94.

Anonymous said...

Turkey very easily could have won the whole world cup last time. I agree Ukraine is this year's Turkey. I'd expect them in the Semis also.