Thursday, June 22, 2006

Full USA Elimination Coverage

Tonight or early Tomorrow Eastern Time: What mistakes did Bruce Arena make?

Saturday: Which players stood out for the United States in this World Cup, and which players fell flat on their faces

Sunday: What changes do the US Soccer Federation and MLS need to make to make World Cup 2010 more successful for Team USA.


Xavier said...

I look forward to this. Don't hold back, please be provocative. Everything including training, fitness and the proper use of friendlies leading up to the World Cup must be examined.

Sams Army said...

Arena's only mistake was not hand selecting the officials for the games. If we had better refs we'd have 6 points and be off to play Australia (yes a total joke) in the next round as Group E champions.

Tim L said...

I do have to say as someone who is an american sports fan who only sometimes watches soccer, I have been captivated by the action and intensity of these matches. This sort of intensity is often times lacking in american sports. I am anxious to learn more about the national team and probably will stay more informed about our guys leading into the next world cup.