Monday, June 12, 2006

France's Starting 11 for Tomorrow's Match

This will be the starting eleven for France's match tomorrow against Switzerland. They will more than likely play a 4-2-3-1 formation, which will look like this:

Fabien Barthez

William Gallas, Lilian Thuram, Willy Sagnol, Eric Abidal

Claude Makelele, Patrick Vieira

Zinedine Zidane, Sylvain Wiltord, Franck Ribery

Thierry Henry


Zizou 06 said...

Well, it is apparent that France is going to play back a little more instead of doing a large offensive attack. I think that this might be a good strategy, but we will see. If they go down early, they can bring Trezeguet in.

Still, keeping Trezeguet out doesn't upset me honestly. Yes, he is a huge goal scorer, but Zizou, Wiltord and Vieira will be more than enough offensive support for Henry. Maybe they are trying to keep Trezeguet fresh for the knockout rounds, I just don't know.

This just shows the depth of France, which is the reason I feel they will make it to the final.

Zizou 06 said...

Wait, I don't know. Only three starters play on the EPL, so they might lose 8-0 against the Swiss, since playing in the EPL is the only prerequisite to become a successful team.

Oh yeah, and Brazil only had one player in the EPL. They must REALLY suck!

Kartik said...

Are you kidding? Italy has no EPL starters and Argentina just one. Those teams have no chance! England is a lock to win this World Cup since the only good soccer is played in the EPL. :)

Anonymous said...

Why is Barthez starting ahead of Coupet?

Federico said...

Thuram still plays????????????

Zizou 06 said...

Yep, getting very old, but yep.

But that is what I like about this team. There are a lot of players from 1998, but there are also a lot of new players.

Federico said...

Wow, good for Thurman!

Federico said...

France is thus far being dominated in this match by the Swiss. They probably need Trezeguet in the game. France is very fortunate they are not already down 2 to 0.

Rafael said...

France looks like a joke. The author of this site has picked them to win the World Cup? They are one of the worst sides out there!